Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We're at War . . . I Guess

A small, albeit loud and indignant, contingent of our brothers and sisters in Christ has decided that "liberals" and "secularists" have declared a War on Christians and that the soldiers of Christendom must set off on a new crusade. The Army of Christ's self-anointed officer core met last week at the first "War on Christians Conference" to discuss battle plans. More accurately, they got together to rant and whine about people who disagree with them and to raise money. People for the American Way has the details.

These crusaders feel that they have lost a battle in the War on Christians whenever school children are not reprimanded for forgetting to say "God bless you" to a classmate who sneezes. But what constitutes a win for the Religious Right? They took credit for the results the 2004 elections and have substantial influence over the federal government and several state governments, but they still complain incessantly about their elected leaders. They've convinced many Christians that same-sex relationships are more dangerous to our nation and world than poverty. They own universities, television channels, and publishers and have managed to attract a large audience. What else do these people want? Do we need to eliminate the judicial branch of government? place homosexuals in concentration camps? shut down all public school systems?

I'm sorry, but everything about the War on Christians strikes me as silly. I don't feel that my faith is threatened—I certainly don't feel like I am at war with the larger culture. And, frankly, I don't see how hurling insults at loosely defined groups of people (liberals, secularists, and the like) effectively builds up the Body of Christ.



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