Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A New Picture of Myself, and What Happened to the Free T-Shirts?

I rarely get my picture taken. This isn't intentional; I think it's just the result of living with two photogenic kids. It's been over a year since I've had a new picture of myself to post on this site. So here I am hooked up to a plasma machine. (My glasses are crooked.)

At some point in my blood-donation career, the Red Cross decided that I have good plasma, so they ask me to come in once every five or six weeks. In order to take time away from work to give plasma, I'm supposed to document my experience, hence the picture.

As an aside, it's been about a year since the Red Cross gave me a T-shirt with my donation. I know that I should not be motivated by free clothing, but Red Cross T-shirts had become an important part of my wardrobe. This time, I got two free song downloads. Unfortunately, the songs were in a DRM-protected WMA format that my MacBook hates. Again, I understand that free stuff shouldn't be a motivation for giving.


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