Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Player Leaves New England Revolution for Priesthood

As a believer in vocational discernment, listening for God's call, and not selecting a profession solely based on salary or benefits or convenience, I found this story encouraging. From the AP via ESPN Soccernet:

"I felt called to something greater," Hilgenbrinck said. "At one time I thought that call might be professional soccer. In the past few years, I found my soul is hungry for something else.

"I discerned, through prayer, that it was calling me to the Catholic Church. I do not want this call to pass me by."

Hilgenbrinck accepted the calling on Monday when he left the New England Revolution [of Major League Soccer] and retired from professional soccer to enter a seminary, where he will spend the next six years studying theology and philosophy so he can be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.

(For what it's worth, the Revolution are in first place right now.)


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