Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lest You Big Ten Fans Get a Big Head

SEC pride is possibly the strangest phenomenon I've encountered since moving to Tennessee from Indiana eight years ago. I've met several devoted SEC football evangelists here in the south: people who will go to any lengths to demonstrate that SEC football is superior to the football played in other major college athletic conferences, particularly the Big Ten and Pac Ten. These SEC apologists abhor the notion that anyone would think differently.

This guy takes SEC pride to another level, setting his SEC-is-better-than-the-Big-Ten rant to music (with accompanying video). I lived among Big Ten fans for the first twenty-four years of my life, and they really don't do this sort of thing.

Hat tip: Deadspin


Blogger rocksalive777 said...

This is why I never try to get student tickets to UGA games.

Well, that and the alcohol...

7:26 AM  

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