Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm So Lost Without You

I'm so upset that I'm quoting Air Supply.

My MacBook is in the shop, probably for about a week, and I don't know how I'll get by without her. I can't record music; I can't edit home movies; I can't burn CDs from the comfort of my recliner. Sure, we still have our clunky, old, pieced-together PC—it even has some advantages such as Photoshop and being hooked up directly to the printer/scanner—but it's not the same.

After leaving my baby at the Genius Bar at the Mac Store last night, I sank into depression. I'm still depressed. I'm depressed that strange people are fiddling with my computer, and I'm depressed that I'm so worked up about a machine. What's happened to me?

I know she'll be fine. She most likely just has a small problem with her optical drive. From what I can gather, the hard drive—and thus five-months worth of the Tinley family's creative forays—is fine. Fortunately, she's still under warranty.

The bad news for family, friends, and anyone who frequents Josh Tinley.com or Meyer Tinley.com is that the Josh and Meyer Christmas EP probably won't be finished by Christmas. I still need about two evenings to finish it. Also, expect fewer blog posts this week.


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