Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Is PETA Doing?

I am a vegetarian who is concerned about animal rights, but I have trouble getting behind PETA. Continuing its use of curious tactics to draw attention to its cause, the organization is now circulating a nudie video on the Internet, featuring "a sultry vegan PETA member" who strips for the camera. Tacked on to the video are disturbing images of animal abuse (that the average viewer may or may not stick around to watch) that provide plenty of shock value on their own and would be more effective without the gimmick.


Anonymous Lesley said...

Funny, I was thinking about PETA yesterday. I (now) sort of equate them with the radical anti-abortion movement. That is, the faction that bombs abortion clinics and kills doctors. PETA's not that overtly violent, but they're certainly making many of us who are animal rights advocates and vegetarians look pretty bad. Even though they're not the majority (just like the majority of people opposed to abortion don't kill people who administer abortions). I've stopped supporting PETA. My money goes to other charities now.

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