Wednesday, February 07, 2007

UFOs: Time Travelers, not Space Travelers

The Anderson Cooper blog (which isn't written by Anderson himself) features a post about recent UFO sightings in North Carolina and Hawaii. Pictures and video of the craft have surfaced; and as you can see from the image on the right, you can't just write this off as a meteor, weather balloon, flashlight, lens flare, or smudge. This is the real deal.

But this flying saucer did not fly across the galaxy to get here. We know of several extrasolar planets, and I believe that humankind is not the universe's soul intelligent species. But I'm not convinced that any race of beings has the lifespan or patience to travel to earth from a neighboring star system. Rather, unidentified flying objects are time crafts that have come from the future. If time travelers from the distant future will ever decide to visit our era, then they already have. While these temporal voyagers will no doubt be cautious, the earliest time machines will likely be bulkier and more difficult to hide than their successors. So I'd imagine that we've seen a few and mistaken them for alien craft.


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In my opinion, UFOs in the Bible are angles and are referred to as a cloud, fire, star, etc.

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