Monday, March 31, 2008

Good and Bad News for the Commodores

Given Vanderbilt's historically embarrassing first-round loss in the NCAA tourney ten days ago, I still don't feel good talking about Vandy basketball. But whatever . . .

The good news: Shan Foster is a Second Team All American; he finished seventh overall in All American voting.

The bad news: Promising freshman point guard Keegan Bell is gone—transferring to no one knows where. Though Alex Gordon was a better shooter and defender, I always felt better when Bell was in the game. He seemed less likely to turn it over, and he was good at feeding Ogilvy in the post. Oh well. Maybe he'll transfer to Evansville to get more playing time. (An open letter to Keegan Bell is in order.)

Elsewhere in Vandyworld, the women's basketball team, fresh off of a Sweet Sixteen thrashing at the hands of Maryland, has everyone (sans Liz Sherwood) coming back. The baseball team is currently number 8 in Baseball America's Top 25.

Also the defending national champion women's bowling team is headed back to the NCAA championships.


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