Monday, May 19, 2008

Will Winning the Presidency Put Obama's Life at Risk?

Aunt B. says of her brother in Georgia: "He also reports that many of [his peers in Georgia] feel like a vote for Obama would be wasted because none of them believe he’ll live to serve out his whole presidency." In other words several people assume that, if Obama wins the White House, someone will assassinate him.

The idea seems shocking, even proposterous, on its surface; but a significant minority of Americans are convinced that Obama intends to turn the United States into an Islamic state, a communist state, or both. Some of these people may be crazy enough to try the unspeakable were Barry to win the White House. I pray that the Secret Service would thwart any such attempts, and I do not believe that such a threat is a legitimate reason not to vote Obama in November. Still, the lies people believe never cease to amaze me.

Consider, for example, the most recent inflammatory attack on Obama to be debunked by Snopes. Celeste and Loren Davis, two missionaries whose credibility is already suspect, have circulated an e-mail that makes false claims about Obama's involvement in the recent controversial Kenyan election and suggests that his full name is "Barak [sic] Hussein Muhammed Obama." Snopes had no trouble refuting the claims, but others, including Nashville's own Bear Creek Ledger have spread this nonsense as though it were true.

I fear for Mr. Obama, but anyone who decides not to vote for him solely because they fear an assassination attempt is only playing into the hands of the would-be assassins.


Blogger cyregray said...

I'm not terribly sure an American would assassinate him. Sure, that's the hype now, but looking at the bigger picture, if a 'Muslim extremist' - say an Iranian - we're to play the patsy then we would have a set of circumstances much more favorable to the powers that be.

Anyway this lady sure does make it sound a lot more plausible.

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