Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Few Things to Consider

  • I'm sure that, by now, you've seen footage of Barack and Michelle Obama giving each other dog last week in front of a screaming crowd in Minnesota. Fox News's E.D. Hill actually asks if this modified high five is a "terrorist fist jab" (Gawker). Really. Then she brings in a body language expert to further interpret the gesture because, as she says, "Everyone seems to interpret [the fist bump] differently." I suppose. But no sane person would interpret it as a "terrorist fist jab."

  • Why did the climate bill fail? Time explains.

  • Here's a warm-and-fuzzy story: Baseball Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield wanted to do something for former Negro League players who never got the chance to play in the Majors. So he put together a draft in which Major League teams drafted the aging former Negro Leaguers into their baseball families. (Hat tip: Aunt B.)

  • More in baseball: Kudos to Ken Griffey, Jr. for hitting number 600. Too bad he had to do it in front of a sparse crowd in Miami.

  • You may have heard rumors about the tape of Michelle Obama saying nasty things about "Whitey." Here it is.


Blogger rocksalive777 said...

I was reading some comments on Fox New's website (always, always, always a bad idea, but good for a laugh) and I think that's actually where the idea of it being a terrorist hand gesture started - some guy from Georgia the very next day called it the "Hezbollah fist pound".

But then again, the source was never really important to Fox News, as long as it's not from the NYTimes.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Katy Widrick said...

My company does video news stories on great people with awesome attitudes -- they don't get much better than some of the Negro League players who broke barriers in baseball!

You can see a video we did at MLB's recent symbolic draft of Negro League players, which includes Millito Navarro, Peanut Johnson, Charley Pride and Bill Blair as well as Ken Griffey and Dave Winfield.

I hope you enjoy it!


11:11 AM  

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