Monday, August 04, 2008

New Music From the Tinleys: "Everybody Sing, Everybody Play Bass"

Saturday morning, while Ashlee was at work, Meyer asked me to come up with a song so that he could sing and play his drum. I played a little piano riff, and he and Resha Kate joined in. Within a few minutes, we'd put together (I hestitate to say "wrote" or "composed") a fun little tune.

Then Meyer asked if we could listen to our new song on the iPod. My initial response was, "It doesn't work like that, Meyer." Then it hit me: This isn't 1995. We totally can listen to our song on the iPod. And a couple hours later we did.

So here's our song. The kids decided to call it "Everybody Sing, Everybody Play Bass."

"Everybody Sing, Everybody Play Bass" (mp3)

Music: Josh Tinley
"Lyrics": Meyer and Resha Kate Tinley

Meyer Tinley: Vocals, rack tom*
Resha Kate Tinley: Vocals
Josh Tinley: Piano, bass

(Our Yamaha keyboard is responsible for the drums)

* "Rack tom" is probably the most accurate description for the drum that came with Meyer's First Actâ„¢ percussion set.


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