Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another "Snow Day" in Nashville

When I first moved to Nashville from Indiana, I thought it was cute that Nashville-area schools would close for the following "inclement" weather conditions:

  • chilly rain

  • 20 percent chance of snow

  • temperatures below 30° F

Now that I'm married with children, and now that my ability to go to work and Ashlee's ability to sleep (she works nights) depend on Meyer and Resha Kate being in preschool three days a week, it's not so cute. (Preschools tend to close whenever the public schools in their district close.) Adding injury to insult: Unlike primary and secondary schools, preschools don't make up missed days, which is great for the kids but not so great for the parents who have to pay for the children to not go to school because school officials have an irrational fear of cold water.

Oh well. Maybe it's worse out there than I realize.

Update: At least it's snowing now.


Blogger elvisfreakshow said...

This is the straight truth. In the Chattnooga area we were closed the first day back from Christmas break because too much regular rain was forecast.

We do have a make-up day built in; President's Day is a holiday unless we miss a school day due to snow/rain/partly unpleasant with a chance of discomfort weather.

Which then turns around and screws with my schedule as a youth minister. Our programs pause if the youth are out of school the next day, meaning the week of President's Day I will now receive 100 phone calls asking if youth is back on since school is back in. NOPE.

6:29 AM  

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