Friday, August 28, 2009

Dude. Really?

That's all I could say after seeing this. It's a survey on health care reform from the Republican National Committee, and the fourth question reads:

Yes. The RNC is suggesting that Democrats will use voter registration information to deny coverage to Republicans. (Of course, Democrats may not even be in control when America's Affordable Health Choices Act goes into effect—if it passes.) Most of the other questions on the survey likewise are loaded and misleading.

Not quite as egregious but still disturbing is the misinformation that the Family Research Council is circulating. Among other things, they claim that:

Under the proposed health insurance scheme being advanced by President Obama and his allies in Congress, Americans would be compelled to . . . . [f]oot the bill for government panels that would foster the notion that self-termination
(i.e., suicide) is a sound moral and financial option for the elderly.

I expect a certain amount of exaggeration and truth-stretching by anyone involved in the health care debate. (To be fair, proponents of the Affordable Health Choices Act have stretched the truth when explaining how the plan will be paid for and have dismissed concerns about long-term effects of the plan.) But this is a blatant, obvious, and shameless falsehood coming from a supposedly Christian organization.

As much as I believe that elected representatives should take seriously the concerns of their constituents, I'm convinced that many of the people who are most passionate about the issue of health care reform really have no idea what they're talking about. It seems ridiculous to me that a Senator or Representative might vote against the Affordable Health Choices Act because of constituents who are worried about forced euthanasia, care being denied to Republicans, government committees that will make decisions that should be made by one's doctor, and other ideas that are not a part of the plan and are not remotely similar to anything that is in the plan.

Related: Anne Lamott has an excellent op-ed on the subject of health care reform in yesterday's LA Times.


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