Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday Night Trivia

I've decided that I will no longer qualify or apologize for "Tuesday Night Trivia" challenges that I post on days other than Tuesday. From now on, i will post "Tuesday Night Trivia" whenever I get around to it, regardless of the day of the week. But I'm keeping the name "Tuesday Night Trivia" because it has brand equity (for two or three of you, maybe). Tonight's challenge is a straightforward question, about basketball:

Who is the NBA's all-time leading scorer among players who have played their entire careers with a single team?


Blogger Tinley said...

The answer is Kobe Bryant. Jim Howser, who led the Perry Meridian High School Brain Game team to three titles in the early 1990s, answered it correctly within minutes of me posting it on Facebook.

Of course, Michael Jordan and Karl Malone, two of the players ahead of Bryant, came very close to playing their entire careers with one team but made a move very late in their careers. It's possible that Kobe could do the same. For what it's worth, the highest scoring player to start and finish his career with the same team is Hondo at #12 (two spots ahead of Reggie Miller).

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