Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sedley Alley Executed

Executions are creepy; and I can't understand why some people find them so satisfying, especially when there is some doubt surrounding the guilt of the person being killed. From TCASK:

The official cause of death listed on the death certificate of a person who has been executed reads homicide.

“The murder of Suzanne Marie Collins was a tragedy. Her family members are the survivors of a homicide victim, and our hearts go out to them,” said [TCASK executive director Randy] Tatel. “But, by its actions tonight, the state of Tennessee has made Sedley Alley’s two innocent children, David and April, survivors of a homicide victim as well.”

Related: The Chicago Tribune this week ran a series about Carlos De Luna, a man killed in 1989 by the State of Texas for a crime he did not commit.


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Blogger Lynette Rodgers said...

The only victim is the one who died a horrific death.....

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