Sunday, November 05, 2006

Has Wesley Blog Ceased to Exist?

It's not coming up. If it's gone, I'll miss Shane's insight. I won't miss all the often childish in-fighting between United Methodists who disagree on homosexuality, abortion, church growth, multiculturalism, church and state, evangelism, theology, biblical interpretation, pluralism, God and science, globalization, gun control . . . .


Blogger Shane Raynor said...

It seems that I forgot to renew the domain name and has now been registered by a cyber-squatting company. I haven't been able to blog lately, so it's probably not the worst thing that ever happened, although I do feel kind of stupid for letting my own domain name get taken away. But all archives are still intact and if I decide to continue blogging in some form, I'll make them accessible. For now, people can access WB at

10:21 PM  

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