Monday, January 08, 2007

HuffPo Should Drop David Horton

Horton, an academic with a gozillion degrees in the arts and sciences and a Huffington Post blogger, boldly asserts that those who confess a belief in young-earth creationism should be denied their right to vote.

I have written at length, elsewhere on this blog, about the damage that fundamentalist religious beliefs about evolution do to attempts to save the environment, and indeed do to democracy itself. It seems to me, the more I think about it, that a belief in the biblical account(s) of creation, and an age of the world of 6000 years, reveal such a failure of intellect that people with such beliefs should not be able to vote in a democracy.

Trust me, I understand the dangers of fundamentalist religious belief, but suggesting that persons of a certain religious persuasion should surrender such a basic right is also dangerous. If Arianna is concerned about credibility, she needs to distance herself from contributors who use such irresponsible rhetoric.


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