Friday, December 22, 2006

NC Congressman Introduces Curious Iraq Strategy

Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC) said in a recent speech to the Concord (NC) Rotary Club that stability in Iraq depends on “spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men. Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the Savior.”

I'm all about Jesus, but reading about the congressman's idea to save Iraq (in the political and military sense) by saving Iraqis (in the theological sense) has left my mind boggled and my fingers searching in vain for the appropriate words to type. I'm glad that Hayes has so much faith in the resilience of the Gospel, but my faith in the U.S. House of Representatives is fading fast.


Anonymous Mitch said...

And interestingly, the bishops who signed the November 8,2005 Statement of Conscience attributed the war in Iraq at least partially to the same cause: "We confess our failure to make disciples of Jesus Christ."

1:39 PM  

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