Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feeling Guilty About My Pacman Confession

Last week I wrote:

I confess that I want to see Pacman Jones exonerated in the courts of law and public opinion because I want him on the field in a Titans uniform in September. . . . I'm ashamed to say that my desire to see my team win has trumped my desire to see justice served.

The latter sentence ended up on the News 2 Blog Round-Up.

While I was trying to be honest about my feelings toward the Pacman situation, I was also trying to be provocative and draw attention to myself. In so doing, I fear that I made light of a serious situation and was insincere and disrespectful toward the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and their families. (I know, no one involved reads this blog or has any idea who I am, but still.)

Yes, whenever I hear discussions about the Titans getting rid of Pacman, I can't help but think: "Hold on. Before we do anything rash, let's ask ourselves who'll be our starting corners and who'll be our primary punt returner when the 2007 season begins." But Pacman's involvement in the Las Vegas incident (and many other previous incidents) needs to be taken very seriously. And, depending on what we learn, the Titans, the league, and the legal system should take appropriate disciplinary action.


Blogger John Meunier said...

As a Colts fan, I agree completely that the legal system should take whatever action it can to remove this menace from the secondary ... err ... I mean society.

Now I have to go repent for making light of this situation, too.

Josh, you are creating an epidemic of folly.

7:30 AM  

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