Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nashville Has a New ABA Team (and Its Website Doesn't Work . . . but It Is Holding Tryouts)

The Music City's new semi-pro hoops squad is called the Nashville Broncs (short for Broncos). Let's hope the Broncs last longer than the Rhythm, and that the team's owner doesn't go wackadoo and cuss out the coach during a game. At the moment, the team's website doesn't really work, and I can find no information about where the Broncs will play. (Wherever it is, it won't be as large or have as many occupied seats as the venue pictured on the site.)

At any rate, the Broncs are having open tryouts next weekend (April 26) at Station Camp High School in Gallatin. When I heard about the tryouts, I figured I had to show up. Sure, I don't have a realistic shot of making any team that doesn't accept all comers, but maybe I could convince the Broncs that they need someone to shoot technical foul shots and throw up desperation three-pointers during the final minutes of games that are getting out of hand (even if that someone is a short, slow, aging white guy whose most impressive foray into competitive basketball was being the sixth man on a championship C-league intramural team at the University of Evansville). Alas, the team asks prospective players to pay $125 and list their college and professional playing experience. I should probably stay home.

Speaking of the ABA, check out Wikipedia's list of the league's defunct teams. I count 127 plus 22 former teams that joined other leagues. The current incarnation of the ABA has only been around since 2000, and it has already turned over 149 teams. That's impressive, and it doesn't bode well for the Broncs.


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