Monday, October 27, 2008

Endorsements: Ken Wilkison for Tennessee House, District 57

My vote for state representative is the one I am least comfortable with. I worry that I will not be voting for challenger Ken Wilkinson as much as I will be voting against incumbant Susan Lynn. And I'm still not confident that I know enough about Lynn, being relatively new to House District 57, to cast a protest vote at her expense.

At any rate, two things bother me about Susan Lynn. First, as I wrote on this blog back in April, I have problems with her interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Secondly, I'm bothered that she includes among her "honors and awards" on her Tennessee General Assembly page "2006 Recipient of the Rush Limbaugh Feminazi Resistance Ribbon." Really?

Ken Wilkinson, Lynn's challenger (who scored a coup by procuring the domain name ""), is a long-time firefighter who says that he "will bring a progressive, moderate view to the Tennessee General Assembly." I respect anyone who has the guts to describe himself as "progressive" while running for office in Wilson and Sumner Counties. Wilkinson isn't going to win, but he'll get my vote.


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