Friday, June 05, 2009

In Which I Disagree With Tim Kurkjian

I normally lack the audacity to disagree with ESPN's Tim Kurkjian on anything baseball related, but I take issue with something he said on this morning's SportsCenter. Following Randy Johnson's historic 300th win, Kurkjian suggested that no active pitcher had a realistic chance to become the next player to reach 300, noting that CC Sabathia, probably the best candidate, would need to average 18 wins per season for the next 10 seasons. While I agree that Sabathia is unlikely to win 180 games in the next decade, I would counter by saying that an average of 15 wins for 12 seasons, 14 wins for 13 seasons, 13 wins for 14 seasons, or 12 wins for 15 seasons would also get Sabathia to 300. In any of these scenarios, CC would be in his early 40s when he hit the milestone. And, as's Ted Keith points out: "The average age of the 11 300-game winners since World War II when they got their milestone win is 41.2."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call. It does seem that 300 game winners are not always the best, but the ones who can last the longest.

I find it best to disagree with Kurkjian simply because I don't like his voice.

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