Monday, September 07, 2009

White House Releases President's Back-to-School Speech

Here's the text of the speech the president will be delivering to many of America's schools (just not the ones in Wilson County) tomorrow. If there's something controversial about this speech, you'll need to point it out to me. It's actually a really nice speech, and I'm really disappointed that the students in my school district won't be hearing it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parents do not send their children to school so that they may be indoctrinated by a politician. They send their children to school that they may be educated. If the students in any school district wish to hear the speech, they have only to go home, turn on their t.v. and listen.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Tinley said...

Please tell me what part(s) of the speech you consider "indoctrination."

5:15 PM  
Blogger B Smith said...

Hope your not holding your breath for an answer. I don't think Glenn Beck was live tonight. You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The president is currently in the midst of a self-made mess that has devolved into a political meltdown for him and his left-wing liberal comrades in his party. As his support progressively erodes, he seeks to use a "chat with the children" to divert attention from that sinking situation. Parents have every reason to be skeptical of anything the president might say given that lesson plans proposed by the white house offer suggestions that children “help the president” in pursuing his agenda of nationalization.

Currently the radio is tuned to NPR’s Morning Edition as they discuss the president’s Summer slump, his parties concerns about nationwide discontent with their ineffective leadership and (not surprisingly) the president’s upcoming speech to “the children.” Here at the house we seldom listen to Beck since in this area AM radio reception is spotty. However from time to time we do sit down and spend time watching children’s movies. In understanding why so many parents are so very extremely opposed to the president being given an opportunity to speak to their children, reference to Disney’s “The Jungle Book” is helpful. Stated succinctly, the president and his left-wing liberal comrades have too much in common with Shere Khan, Kaa and those foul fowls who seek to mislead Mowgli. He and his party are hungry for political power. Like these Disney characters drawn from Kipling’s story, he and his party are a threat to the life of this nation and the future of this nation. The president and his supporters now seek to use school children as a political pony by which to trot out and seek to legitimize their agenda of nationalization and socialism. No amount of airbrushing can soften that reality. In the midst of a political jungle wherein the threats are both real and extreme, parents cannot rely upon a faithful Bagheera or Baloo to run to the rescue of their children. Parents are right to step in, put their goot down and bring a halt to this effort to politicize the educational experience and utilize the educational process as a political tool to advance an agenda that would, like the coils of Kaa only offer their children a confined, restricted, limited and ultimately terminal future.

5:30 AM  

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