Thursday, November 05, 2009

Work Clothes

Meyer asked me this morning in the car why I always wear nice clothes to work. I don't usually think of the clothes I wear to the office as nice. My workplace has a pretty lax dress code (if it has one at all—I'll need to check the policies on the company intranet site), and I could count on an octopus the number of times I've worn a tie to work. (I've worn a suit to the office exactly once: when I came in for my interview. My boss-to-be even asked me, "Why are you wearing a suit?") At the moment I'm wearing a sweater over a button-down shirt, which is untucked; Target slacks; and off-brand, faux-leather dress shoes. It's not something I'd wear to watch SpongeBob on a Saturday morning; it's also not something I'd wear to a wedding.

I didn't say any of this to Meyer. And I answered his question about why I wear nice clothes to work by saying, "Lots of people wear nice clothes to work. It shows respect for the other people you work with." That was a terrible answer, but it was the best I could come up with. Still, I'm sure there's some reason why I wouldn't feel comfortable coming to work in shorts and a T-shirt. (I don't even feel comfortable going to the Olive Garden wearing shorts and a T-shirt.)


Anonymous Kevin Alton said...

Pants are for money and hard work; shorts are for vacation and sometimes hard work in the summer.

The people that you work with don't really care what you wear, but for some reason the people that pay you and your co-workers think that they do.

That's all Meyer needs to know.

Also, anybody that would loan daddy a belt over Mexican food is to be trusted at all times.

8:09 PM  

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