Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Subscribe to the New "Scrambies: Ideas Worth Ignoring" Podcast

TED gives you "ideas worth spreading"; I've decided to give you ideas worth ignoring. So I've created a podcast in which I talk about whatever novel and/or far-fetched ideas cross my mind. In the first episode, in honor of the NCAA Tournament and in response to news that the NCAA likely will expand the men's tournament from 65 to 96 teams, I talk about postseason championship tournaments in all sports and suggest a new philosophy for selecting teams for these tournaments. (I'd hoped to make this episode available yesterday morning, in advance of the men's championship game, but I was having some XML problems.) It's a bit lengthy, and a little rough in spots, but I promise that subsequent episodes will be tighter and more interesting.

Click here to subscribe to the "Scrambies: Ideas Worth Ignoring" podcast, or hold out for a couple days and subscribe via iTunes.


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