Monday, November 15, 2010

Reasons Not to Order Your Pizzas Online

  • You enjoy taking risks and want to increase the chances that your order will be incorrect.

  • You aren't convinced that it's safe to enter your credit card number at and prefer the security that comes from reading it off your card to some dude who works at the local Papa John's.

  • The neighborhood Papa John's (on certain nights) will donate 20 percent of what you pay for your pizza to your child's school, iff you tell the restaurant over the phone that you are affiliated with that school. (The website has no interest in one's elementary school affiliation.)

  • You can't recall the username and password for the family Domino's/Papa John's account, and your spouse (who created the account) cannot be reached.

Otherwise, ordering pizza online remains the best, most reasonable way to order food.


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