Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday Night Trivia on Thursday

First, the answer to last week's challenge: The three letters, besides S that begin the names of 15 or more countries are B, C, and M. The exact counts depend on whether you call the country between India and Thailand "Burma" or "Myanmar." Now this week's challenge:

Several combinations of four letters can be arranged to create four uniquely spelled words. For example: E, I, L, V (evil, live, veil, and vile); A, E, M, T (mate, meat, tame, team); and E, I, M, T (emit, item, mite, time). Can you name a combination of four letters that can be arranged to create SIX uniquely spelled words?

I can think of one. It includes three consonants and one vowel. There may be others.


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