Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday's Picks

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I started strong, going 13-3 on Thursday, but I went 10-6 yesterday and now trail Kevin 240-220 in our contest (he explains the difference between ESPN's scoring and our scoring). Thus far, I would have been better off picking the top seeds to win every game. The good news for today is that all of my original picks to win today's games are still alive. (That won't be the case tomorrow.) Here are my picks for today:

4 Kentucky over 5 West Virginia
I'm starting to doubt this one, but Kentucky played well down the stretch and I think they'll rebound from a let down against Princeton. West Virginia has a really strong team and tends to overachieve in March, so I could be in trouble.

2 San Diego State over 7 Temple
The Aztecs got their first ever NCAA Tournament win on Thursday. They'll get their second today.

3 Connecticut over 6 Cincinnati
UConn showed no signs of fatigue in its route of Bucknell. If this game is in doubt late, I expect Kemba to take over and give the Huskies the win.

13 Morehead State over 12 Richmond
I originally had Morehead beating Vanderbilt in this game, such was my lack of faith in my Commodores (whom I felt obliged to pick in their first game against Richmond). Richmond is the better team, but Morehead proved Thursday that they're more than just Kenneth Faried, and I think they'll win this one to advance to the Sweet 16.

2 Florida over 7 UCLA
I still like Florida to go far this year, and UCLA (whom I didn't pick to be here) has a history of losing to the Gators in March.

1 Pittsburgh over 8 Butler
I'd love to see Butler win this one, and the Bulldogs are capable of doing so, but I don't think they will.

11 Gonzaga over 3 BYU
I think this is where the absence of Brandon Davies catches up with the Cougars.

4 Wisconsin over 5 Kansas State
Wisconsin was impressive in its win over Belmont. I'm sticking with the Badgers.


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