Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday Sweet 16 Picks

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Despite losing some key games on Sunday, I'm pleased to have a bracket that is slightly above average among the millions submitted to ESPN's Tournament Challenge. And I came out of the weekend with a 30-point lead over Kevin in our two-man contest. I'm up 410-380, but my pick for national champion (and I'm too embarrassed to write who that was) has already been eliminated.

Anyway, here are my picks for Thursday's Sweet 16 games:

5 Arizona over 1 Duke (re-pick)
I'd originally picked Texas in this spot, but the Longhorns lost a close one to Arizona. So I'll just swap Texas for Arizona, mostly because I've been so impressed with Derrick Williams so far. (Contest rules allow me to pick a replacement team for half the points.)

2 San Diego State over 3 Connecticut
I really thought UConn would hit a wall after playing five games in five days in the Big East Tournament, but Kemba Walker has been playing out of his mind and the Huskies look as good as anyone. I'll stick with San Diego State, who could give UConn some problems in the paint, but I'm not too confident.

4 Wisconsin over 8 Butler
My heart says Butler (the school where my mother earned her Master's degree), but my brain says Wisconsin. The Badgers' early exit in the Big Ten Tournament made people forget just how good they are. (Scoring 33 points in a 40-minute game will do that.)

2 Florida over 3 BYU
I don't want to underestimate The Jimmer, but Florida is sneaky good. I had to watch the Gators thrice beat Vanderbilt and have decided that they have more talent than BYU can handle.


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