Monday, September 01, 2008

Meyer At the Movies

Read Meyer's thoughts on Clone Wars here.

  • I think I'm going to wait at least a year before I again take Meyer to a movie theater. That, or I'm going to bring a car seat so that I can strap him in. To Meyer's credit, he was able to stay relatively quiet for all 98 minutes of Clone Wars; I don't even think many people noticed him dancing on the floor at the front of the theater. (As it were, I know for a fact that, by the time I was Meyer's age, I'd sat through the entirety The Muppet Movie and Empire Strikes Back.)

  • A quick word to George Lucas: If you're going to make an animated Star Wars movie aimed at children, you better find a way to work Chewbacca into the story. I don't think the artistic vision of a movie about rescuing Jabba the Hutt's infant son whose kidnapping had been arranged by Jabba's flamboyant uncle would be compromised by a quick trip to Kashyyyk. I'm just saying.

  • Matinee prices at Regal Cinemas now end at 3:00, rather than 6:00. Also, a small popcorn is now $5.75; and, when you go to the movies with a four-year-old child, the concession stand is hard to avoid. I know that prices at the movie theater are easy targets for complaint, but it's reached the point where Ashlee and I have to work extra hours or pick up freelance assignments to justify investing in an afternoon at the movies.


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