Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Education and a Lifetime of Debt

I found this recent USA Today article somewhat assuring. It turns out that Ashlee and I are not the only young couple whose finances have been wrecked by crippling student-loan debt. We have plenty of company.

According to the article, the average college graduate this year left school with $19,000 in debt; in 2004 nearly 8% of graduates had debts of $40,000 or more; and a growing number of young adults are heading out into the real world with six-figure student-loan debts.

But at least one member of our generation has figured out how to avoid student-loan debt altogether: 1) Date a future president's daughter. 2) Drop out of college to work on this future president's campaign. 3) When your guy is elected, get paid $95,000 per year as this president's gopher. 4) Get accepted into a master's program at Harvard Business School even though you haven't earned a bachelor's degree. (More at Time.com.)


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