Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Former Congressman Got Spanked

John Hostettler, who rode the Republican wave into the House in 1994 and was my representative when I lived in Evansville, Indiana, got soundly beaten tonight by my former sheriff, Brad Ellsworth.

Dan Burton, my congressman when I lived in Indianapolis, won handly. I'm not much of a fan of Burton, though I did serve him once at a Wendy's Pick Up Window. He wasn't at all familiar with our menu, and taking his order was quite frustrating. (Of course, when I took his order, I had no idea he was my congressman.)


Blogger John Meunier said...

John Hostettler was my representative until they moved the great Sodom of Bloomington out of his district after 2000.

All my votes against him since 1994 were in vain.

6:28 AM  

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