Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nothing But Nets: Fight Malaria in Africa

Nothing But Nets is an organization that provides African villagers "incesticide-treated bed nets" that protect them from malaria mosquitoes. A little more about malaria:

[Malaria] is a self-perpetuating problem with large-scale impact on societies and economies. Malaria accounts for up to half of all hospital admissions and outpatient visits in Africa. In addition to the burden on the health system, malaria illness and death cost Africa approximately $12 billion a year in lost productivity. The effects permeate almost every sector. Malaria increases school absenteeism, decreases tourism, inhibits foreign investment, and even affects the type of crops that are grown.

Since many of the people who are most vulnerable live on less than $1 per day, a $10 mosquito net is a bit pricey. These nets alone could, according to NBN, reduce total cases of malaria by 50 percent. Nothing But Nets gives individuals and organizations several ways to purchase nets for the villagers who need them.

Here's what's really cool: NBN's five founding partners are Malaria No More, Sports Illustrated, the United Nations Foundation, The United Methodist Church, and NBA Cares. I'm so happy that two of my favorite organizations are partnering for such a good cause.

To be precise, "The People of The United Methodist Church" are listed as a Nothing But Nets partner. To be frank, most of "the people of" the UMC have never heard of this organization. I work for a denominational agency and have regular contact with national church leaders, and I hadn't heard of NBN before yesterday. So, I'll spread the word, and I'll leave the Nothing But Nets sticker on my site indefinitely.


Blogger Larry said...

Thanks for putting up the link. The more bloggers we get to talk about the issue of malaria, the better. The Nothing But Nets site links to a page for United Methodists. UMs can give to the malaria efforts of the church through this link if they choose to do so. The point is, children are dying from a disease that has been eliminated from Europe and North America. It's a disease of poverty. We need to go beyond prividing nets, of course, but this is a first step and it deserves our supprt. Thanks again for your posting.
Larry Hollon

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Matt Carlisle said...

Josh -- Thanks for being one of the first to add the banner.

Inspired by Rick Reilly's actions, I would like to challenge all United Methodist bloggers or simply any editorial decision-maker of a website to ADD A "SEND A NET, SAVE A LIFE." WEB BANNER TO YOUR SITE. The UN Foundation has developed a series of banner ads for you to choose from. The resource page includes simple instructions on how to add a Web banner to your site.

While many of our individual blogs may not see large scale traffic on a daily basis, as a whole, we have a very strong voice. If each of us commit to encourage our readers to "Send a net, save a life." we can make a difference. Please help today by adding a Web banner to your site.

Blessings. Matt Carlisle

6:09 AM  

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