Saturday, November 11, 2006

Traveling With Children

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to a conference in Orlando for a few days (the National Council of Churches' Youth Worker Summit to be exact), and the family is coming with me. We've never taken Meyer and Kate on a plane, so we've had to do some research in preparation for the trip. Here are a couple nuggets of wisdom from the "Traveling With Children" section of the TSA website:

  • NEVER leave babies in an infant carrier while it goes through the X-ray machine.

  • Talk to your children before you come to the airport and let them know that it's against the law to make threats such as, "I have a bomb in my bag." Threats made jokingly (even by a child) can delay the entire family and could result in fines.

Good thing we checked the website.

I'll be blogging the NCC event for those of you who are interested in youth ministry and/or the sometimes controversial ecumenical alliance that is organizing the summit.


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