Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hebrew Professor Denied Tenure Because of Second X Chromosome

Rev. Wade Burleson, a Southern Baptist pastor, is raising awareness about the precarious professional situation of Dr. Sheri Klouda, a Hebrew professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (a school affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention). Klouda enjoyed a successful and fulfilling career at Southwestern, until the seminary hired President Paige Patterson in 2003. Patterson did not mask his desire to populate the faculty with "God-called men." Here's the short version of the story, according to Burleson:

In that June, 2004, precisely a year after Patterson had been appointed President of the school, Sheri was told that it was ‘the President’ who would never recommend her for tenure. Why? It had nothing to do with her professional performance or collegiality, but simply her gender. She would not be given tenure by the President, because she was the only female teaching biblical studies in the school of theology, and that was not the proper place for a woman. There were many qualified men that could fill that position and it was the President's desire to replace her. Southwestern would give her two to three years to find another position at a reputable school, but she was to do her best to find another position as quickly as possible.


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