Wednesday, March 05, 2008

SNL Whines About Officiating

Both of the post-writers-strike Saturday Night Live shows have opened with a parody of one of the Democratic presidential debates. The two opening sketches were nearly identical: Both strongly suggested that Hillary Clinton has been the victim of a media that is in love with Barack Obama. Unlike past SNL debate sketches, which have poked fun at each candidate's quirks and policy positions, these sketches have had one joke and one joke only. Additionally, during Weekend Update last week, Tina Fey stumped for Clinton, implying that sexism was responsible for Obama's success; this week Clinton herself made an appearance. In short, SNL backs Clinton, isn't happy that she's probably about to lose the nomination, and is looking for someone to blame.

I don't expect comedy writers to entirely conceal their biases, but I've never known SNL to so blatantly favor one candidate. And while Clinton may have been the victim of media bias, SNL has exaggerated this bias far beyond what can be considered comedic hyperbole. Blaming the media for the struggles of the Clinton campaign seems immature, not unlike those Patriots fans who circulated a petition asking the NFL to review the final two minutes of the Super Bowl.

I still like SNL; I'll just like it better when this primary season has passed.


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