Monday, October 27, 2008

Endorsements: Lamar Alexander for U.S. Senate

My endorsement for President will not be available until tomorrow morning. . . . Make that Wednesday morning.

Like my endorsements for the Tennessee House and U.S. House, my endorsement for U.S. Senate is meaningless because the outcome of the race is not in doubt. In the case of Lamar Alexander, one might say that my endorsement is one of resignation. I disagree with Senator Alexander on several issues, but he doesn't offend me, and he's going to win anyway, so why not?

Although I often disagree with him, I think that Alexander has devoted enough of his life to serving the people of Tennessee to have earned my respect. I don't get the impression that he plays politics or puts his party ahead of his constituents, which is refreshing in today's political climate. And since Tennessee's senatorial election won't effect the balance of the Senate (it will be in Democratic hands by a significant margin regardless of whether Bob Tuke can pull off an upset, which gives him a 0% chance of doing), I'll go ahead and vote for Lamar.


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