Monday, August 16, 2010

Ideas Worth Ignoring Podcast—Epidsode 9, "Hexagon: Three Teams, Two Balls"

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In this episode, I introduce you to the sport of Hexagon, which (unlike other team sports) involves three teams playing on a hexagonal field with two balls, and ask your assistance in working out some of the details. At 30:55, this is the longest "Ideas Worth Ignoring" podcast yet.

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Blogger Matt Wittlief said...

Listened to my first Scrambies podcast this morning. I was one of the lucky few who played in the inaugural game of Hexagon. It was fun.

We played with each team defending one goal. I think that works better. The goal was a makeshift "net" (no net) about 8 feet wide; we had an understanding that the goal was about six feet high. The field was about 75 feet across which by my calcs indicates each side was about 40-45 feet.

Gameplay was loosely governed by a clock. I think we allowed players who possessed the ball to take three steps before passing. It was very fast-paced. Very cool, actually.

We did have an issue with the balls leaving the playing field and going out of bounds frequently. I can't remember exactly how we solved for it. Some sort of soccer-style throw-in. I think we may have allowed whichever team got to the ball first to take possession.

I'd recommend a moving clock - no stoppage, similar to soccer. If one ball goes out of play, or there is a penalty, the other ball continues. If there was a penatly which afforded a free shot, then it would occur after the other ball goes either out of bounds or is used in a score.

It might be interesting if the team which throws the ball out of bounds had to inbound the ball as they lose one player on the field to do so. Make a rule that no one on their team can be the first to touch the ball off an inbound.

I want to play or organize another game!

8:50 AM  

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