Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Elite Eight Picks

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I went actually went 3 for 4 yesterday. Not bad. I'm up to 570 points when accounting for re-pick points. Here are my picks for Saturday's games (and here are Kevin's):

2 Florida over 8 Butler
I would love to see Butler win this one, and I think they have a good shot. But Florida is my one Final Four pick that is still alive, so I'll stick with the Gators.

5 Arizona over 3 Connecticut (re-pick)
Since UConn beat San Diego State, I have to re-pick. At this point, it would be unwise to pick against Kemba Walker. But it would be more unwise to pick against Derrick Williams. And I have more faith in Williams's supporting cast than I do Walker's. I think Arizona wins this one.


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