Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Elite Eight Picks

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I missed twice yesterday. In the case of Butler, I'm glad I did. Here are my picks for Sunday (and here are Kevin's):

1 Kansas over 11 VCU (re-pick)
Since all of my Final Four picks have lost, both of my picks today are re-picks. I would love nothing more than to see VCU win this game. And, if the Rams play like they did against Purdue, they could. But no team in this tournament is playing as well as Kansas, and no team in this tournament is as deep as Kansas. So I'll go with the Jayhawks.

2 North Carolina over 4 Kentucky (re-pick)
Both teams are playing well right now; both teams have a lot of talent. I give a slight edge to the Tar Heels and their front line.


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