Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Paragraph on the "War on Christmas"

"War on Christmas" refers, of course, to the supposed battle being fought against the Christian holiday by secular culture. The American Family Association and a contingent of Fox News personalities have decided that they need to defend Christmas from the forces of secularism and pluralism and specifically from retailers who fail to mention “Christmas” by name in their advertising or dare to wish customers “Happy Holidays.” As a Christian, I can’t fathom why any of my brothers or sisters in Christ is offended by a store deciding not to exploit one of our most sacred celebrations to turn a profit. If anything, we should commend these retailers and criticize those that tempt customers to remember Christ’s birth by purchasing flat-screen televisions, gaudy jewelry, and robot hamsters for loved ones. After all, the one whom we call “Christ” warned us not to store up treasures on earth. I'd guess that he would rather us not use his name to sell digital cameras and outerwear.


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